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" Christian Therapy services for the entire family- Marriage, adult, children and adolescents"


Carlos Calderon, MA, LPC-S, CART, CGT

CART (Certified Anger Resolution Therapist)

Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor
CGT (Certified Grief Therapist)

EMDR therapist 
Consejero Cristiano (Christian Counselor)

        "Christian Counseling which brings hope and healing through Jesus Christ"


        "For the Lord your God is living among you.
        He is a mighty savior.
        He will take delight in you with gladness.
        With His love, He will calm all your fears.
        He will rejoice over you with joyful songs" Zephaniah 3:17 (NLT)


        For all your christian therapy needs:


         - Adults
         - Marriage & Couples
         - Children &        Adolescents


        Over 18 years of experience! 


        EMDR Therapist 

        Certified Grief Therapist


        Cerified Anger Resolution Therapist


        Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor 


        Carlos Calderon, MA, LPC-S, CART, CGT has Expertise in EMDR, marriage, grief, anger management, ADD/ADHD, trauma and abuse counseling




        Christian Counseling Services for the entire family - Adults, marriage, couples, family, children and adolescents!

        Bilingual (Spanish) Christian Therapist and teacher Carlos Calderon, MA, LPC-S (Licensed Professional Counselor -Supervisor), EMDR Therapist, CART (Certified Anger Resolution Therapist), CGT (Certified Grief Therapist) based in The Woodlands, Spring and Houston TX specializes in individual adult counseling, marriage and pre-marital counseling, child and adolescent therapy and family counseling He addresses issues which include but are not limited to: depression, anxiety and panic, grief and loss, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), trauma and abuse (sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional), anger and stress management, ADD and ADHD in children and adults, child behavioral and discipline issues, marriage, divorce and other relationship conflicts, substance abuse, men's issues with addiction and pornography, and meaning/purpose of life dilemmas.   As a Christian counselor, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Carlos incorporates Biblical principles and counseling skills with solid clinical knowledge, theory and practice. Additionally, Carlos is fluent in Spanish and has first hand experience of the Latino culture."



        Are you looking for a christian counselor who can help you, with God's power, overcome challenges in your life, problems in your marriage, your family or difficulties with your adolescent or child?"  Issues such as depression, loneliness, trauma, hopelessness, anxiety, purposelessness are adversities that any Christian and Non-Christian alike can face at any point in life. At times, we are even ashamed that we have these struggles leading us to alienate ourselves form God and others, to question our faith and doubt God's love for us. Other times in life we are deeply injured through a divorce, an affair, the loss of a child, or even abuse or abandonment. Thus we experience deep feelings of grief and loss, shame, guilt, and become afraid to ever love and trust again. At times, we may struggle coping with stress and the demands and responsibilities of life so we turn to addictions, anger and rage, or substance abuse for an escape. These can then become strongholds in our lives which we feel powerless to overcome.   We are also labeled with terms such as ADD or ADHD, Bipolar, or PTSD and wonder what they mean and how to cope with them.  "BUT why struggle alone and why remain where you are? You don't have to and you were not meant to stay there."  Gal. 6:2, Pr. 11:14 and 15:22.



        "Remember, THERE IS HOPE!."   Not only does God desire that you don't go through struggles alone but He may want to use them to grow you and transform you, to bless you and to fulfill his ultimate and beautiful purpose for you (Rom 5:3-5, James 1:2-4, Jer 33:11, Rom 8:28, and I Cor 2:9).  Don't delay, contact Christian Counselor Carlos Calderon, MA, LPC, CART, CGT today for an initial visit or obtain more information on how he is dedicated to helping you, your family, your marriage, adolescent or child achieve their full potential in Christ.  



        Christian Counseling that is safe, effective and professional!




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